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Data Protection

Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

Single Solution for Maximum Security and Peace of Mind

URM Technologies provides high-quality service and storage. URM Technologies is the one-stop solution for all of your archiving needs (hardcopy, electronic or tape). No matter how big or small your organization is, URM Technologies treats each client with integrity and respect. URM Technologies also complies with all major regulations such as SOX, PCI, HIPAA, FACTA, GLBA, etc.

Real Time, User-Friendly Software

URM Technologies scans and monitors your backup media into a highly secure retrieval system. Our services include daily, weekly, and monthly rotations. Our real-time TapeTrack system gives you access to your stored media 24x7x365. Let URM Technologies be your solution for disaster recovery.

Effective Disaster Recovery, Your Media is Accounted for at All Times:

Data Storage and Cloud Storage
Disaster Recovery Services
Media Moves
Secure Media Destruction

URM Technologies earns trust by offering data storage and retrieval services that meet your organization’s requirements.

  • Consolidate Vendors: Lifecycle content management
  • Save Cost: Stop paying for unnecessary storage space
  • Streamline Workflows: Every processes from start to finish
  • Peace-of-Mind: Disaster proof secure systems 

Highest Security, Temperature Controlled Facilities

URM Technologies also uses temperature-regulated units to preserve the lifespan of your media. The facility temperature remains at 68-72 degrees with 40% relative humidity. Whether your media is in the facility for two months or 20 years, it will remain properly protected and preserved.

Your Insurance Policy = Our Data Management and Off-Site Facilities

URM Technologies is essentially an insurance plan to protect information in the event of a disaster. Services are centered around industries that must adhere to strict guidelines: Legal Offices, Hospitals, Banks, Insurance Companies, Movie Studios, Government Entities, i.e. City, County, State, and Federal.

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URM Technologies

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