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NeuraScanner® High-Speed Unlimited Continuous Scanning Technology

NeuraScanner® is specifically designed for well logs, and can be used in any industry that requires high-speed and unlimited data. This continuous-form well log scanner can capture up to 10 inches every second, and offers color, black and white, and grayscale color settings. The technology makes log preservation more efficient than ever.

Ultimate File Recovery, Data Sharing, and Preservation From Paper to High-Resolution Tiff Files in Seconds

NeuraScanner® is a state-of-the-art piece of technology, allowing for continuous scanning with a custom and programmable microchip. A new optical sensor and custom-built LED image sensor can produce higher quality color scanning. NeuraScanner® is quicker than previous scanning devices and provides up to 600dpi resolution.

The NeuraScanner® – Best Quality Available High Speed Well Log and Continuous File Scanner

The NeuraScanner® is a portable unit that can fit inside a regular computer case.

It weighs less than 10 pounds and is easy to carry to the office, to take on-site, and travel home with.

NeuraScanner® offers total security by transferring all files directly to your computer.

Scanning runs continuously on a computer until it runs out of memory. The device is compatible with USB 2.0 to make data transfer quick and easy.

The Instant Rescan™ feature offers modification features after scanning.

With Instant Rescan™, users can scan send log images to the NeuraView™ PC software. Details and brightness can be modified after scanning, removing the need to rescan logs.

Includes a high-speed and programmable processor that offers CPU updates.

Three color settings – grayscale, black and white, and color – offer high image quality. The black and white setting can offer speeds up to 10″/sec.

The NeuraScanner® is made of a lightweight and durable 7075 aluminum frame.

The aluminum frame safeguards the device in working environments.

Paper handling settings have been perfected to manage a variety of stocks.

The NeuraScanner® can successfully scan both delicate and thick logs, including fanfold style and slick paper used by older models of printers. Microfilm, onion paper and vellum can also be scanned.

Discover the NeuraView™ Scanner Software for premium scans every time.

The NeuraView™ scanner software comes included with the device, making it possible to modify, view and print scanned and digital LAS files.

Optimum performance and reliability

NeuraView™ software makes it easy to produce continuous images and fading records. The software works with maps, PDF files, and logs, and helps share information quickly and easily.

The NeuraScanner®

Best Quality Available High Speed Well Log and Continuous File Scanner

  • Neuralog® Desktop is a huge asset to our company. Having logs, AFEs, and critical data accessible instantly across the company is a huge time saver. We have a more productive environment and everyone is on the same page. Neuralog® saved us ~$100,000 in service fees and untold man-hours.

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