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Intelligent Scanning Solutions

URM Technologies Delivers Superior Intelligent Scanning Solutions

With Best-in-Class Functionality

In today’s digital world, the emphasis is on capturing more meaningful data from a document earlier in the process to quickly feed richer, more useful content to subsystems. URM Technologies offers intelligent scanning solutions that can be deployed at your location creating a single stream of secured, high-volume paperwork to electronic data workflow on your premises. URM Technologies provides end-to-end scanning solutions that meet (and beat) even the toughest of volume and regulatory requirements including financial, mortgage, invoicing environments, and more.

URM Technologies’ intelligent scanning services and on-premises technology:

  • Reduces operational expenses
  • Enables fast interaction and secure retrieval of data
  • Available in multiple volume, inter-mixed input sizes and output demand options
  • Delivers consistent, error free transactions that batches and sorts data
  • Quality control throughout the process
  • Activates artificial intelligence that actively improves the quality of data extraction
  • Increases operator productivity
  • Easy maintenance and less downtime
  • Reduces document preparation time
  • Unsurpassed image quality

URM Technologies’ Intelligent Scanning Easily Processes Key Applications

Intelligent Document Scanning accommodates demanding business rules and input options as part of the scanning process. Documents can be imprinted, recognized, sorted and digitized on an application-by-application basis.

Key applications include: Invoices, Remittance, EOB’s, Medical Records, Mortgage Applications, Backfile Conversions and more!

Intelligent Capture Software Suite that Adjusts and Improves as Your Projects Progress

Scanning Software that Seamlessly Captures Content

ibml’s Intelligent Capture Suite extracts data and actually improves its own performance and quality as it captures. Then, data transfers to a secure business application for easy retrieval whenever you need it. Ready to retire your old legacy software and equipment that is costing your business with increasing maintenance bills and click charges? URM Technologies’ capture-experts can analyze your document workflow process and easily integrate intelligent scanning solutions that will save your operation time and money.

URM Tehnologies – Managing the Document Lifecycle

Premium Intelligent Scanning Paper-to-Digital Solutions

Harness the power of real-time scanning intelligence with feature-rich equipment technology that accelerates your access to information for any sorting and input requirements.

Intelligent Scanning Solutions

Banking Solutions:

URM Technologies’ intelligent scanning solutions allow banks and credit unions to scan and extract information from a multitude of documents to include paper or electronic, including but not limited to online forms, applications, property titles, mortgage origination files, lending documents, identification cards, remittance advices, checks, and other lending documents.

Financial Services Solutions:

Automate the processing of any form or unstructured document using intelligent capture solutions from URM. We provide the needed flexibility and functionality necessary to scan applications, contracts, checks, correspondence, remittances, and account maintenance documents with the ability to safeguard information that investment firms, brokerages and financial companies require in today’s competitive and highly regulated, wealth and trust management environments.

Insurance Solutions:

Automatically capture, classify, validate, and export information from any paper or electronic document that arrives via the mail, e-mail, fax, internet, or agent location quickly and efficiently with URM Technologies’ capture solutions. With proven solutions in enrollment, records management, customer service, credentialing and premium process, URM Technologies’ capture solutions offer the functionality and flexibility needed in the dental, medical, workers’ compensation, auto and life and property industries.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Service Bureau Solutions:

URM gives BPOs and other service providers a competitive advantage by providing the necessary tools to grow their sales by using our intelligent capture solutions for the processing of forms or unstructured documents such as invoices, taxes, mortgage documents, checks, remittances, insurance claims, legal documents and applications to name a few.

Healthcare and Medical Records Solutions:

URM Technologies’ intelligent capture enables healthcare payers and providers to automate the capture and classification process of paper or electronic finance, health or patient documents such as faxes, e-mails, mobile images, web forms, credentialing packages and application files. Increase efficiency and productivity while reducing administrative expenses. Easily process credentials, claims, grievances, appeals, and more. Capture any healthcare documents, including admission forms, insurance cards, lab reports, health records, checks, EOB documents, claims, denial/appeal letters, reports, and directives.

Government Solutions:

URM Technologies’ intelligent capture solutions assist state, local and federal government bodies with reducing operational budgets and improving the speed and quality of service to constituents. More and more government departments prefer using intelligent capture solutions over other technology for tax processing. Our solutions can capture, classify and validate information from any paper or electronic document to include checks, remittances, tax returns, public records, grants, contracts, eligibility documents, ballots, claims and benefit documents.

Mailroom Solutions:

Manage more documents from more channels and with greater speed and accuracy to deliver them to downstream systems. Intelligent capture solutions are ideal for today’s environment by offering scalability, in-line intelligent capture, strong reliability and automated document out-sorting. With the ability to capture, classify, extract and validate as well as export information from any paper or electronic document to include but not limited to checks, orders, invoices, claims, remittances, contracts, and more.

Loan Processing Solutions:

Automate the capture of information required in every step of the loan processing cycle from origination, to servicing and packaging and everything in between. This includes any form or unstructured document included in a loan package such as applications, credit reports, employment verification, truth in lending documents, checks, and titles to name a few.

High Speed Scanning with
Superior In-Line Intelligence

ImageTrac 6400

Built from the ground up to meet the needs of users that require strong in-line tools and complex transaction processing for document sorting and business rules processing. The ImageTrac 6400 provides superior in-line intelligence for rules based processing, pocket water falling, multiple audit trail options and embedded processes to ensure compliance with business rules during the scanning process. Available with up to 21 sort pockets.

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