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Multi-Function Printers

Maximum Office Efficiency from Content Creation to Compliance

Why buy a multi-function printer when you can rent?

By renting and servicing high-volume, major brand printers, copiers, scanners and more, URM is capable of managing the entire lifecycle of your document. Bundling multi-function copiers with other document management services, enables URM to offer cost-effective leading edge solutions.

Reliable Communication Hubs with the Most Advanced Technology

URM’s multi-function products are capable of inputting data into automated content management software for compliant solutions–quickly and securely.

The Future of Document Management

From Your Office to Ours with the Push of a Button

Multi-Function Printers & Scanners

From Your Office to Ours with the Push of a Button

MFP’s, Printers, and Scanners

  • Securely transfer documents and data
  • Complete regulation compliance
  • Compatible with cloud or other software
  • Control costs and streamline workflow

Creating Solutions Tailored to Fit Your Document Workflow

URM’s experts find the best MFP solution to maximize your business efficiency. With a highly trained team of Technical Specialists, URM is ready to service & support your organization.

Paperless Solutions for the Secure Office Environment

Law firms, government agencies, aerospace, medical, financial, and other industries can experience maximized efficiency with multi-function products.

Take Technology a Step Further with ECM Solutions

Transform inner-office products into ultra-efficient information hubs by connecting them to all of your data. URM’s multi-function products integrate into your entire workflow cycle by transferring data into Enterprise Content Management (ECM) programs. Then store or shred your original documents.

Get the Most Out of Your Data with One Partner

United Records Management combines multi-function products with Enterprise Content Management solutions (ECM) under one roof. These solutions are reliable, user-friendly, and engineered to make your workflow more efficient than ever before. Streamline your workflow today.

Less Paper, More Content


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